Summer is Here – Venture Report 8th of June

Engelberg is full of summer activities.

So now we start the summer for real, May have been so cold that the cherries aren't even close to be ripe yet. It's been rough, not only for the cherries, but also for our mood. If the summer arrives with a cherry on top - sunny, warm and just normal - there is no time for the classic "season is over" depression. Now on the other hand we had all the time in the world to dig a very deep hole for our feelings about ending a winter season again. 

We did dig our way up and are now in a better mood, when the sun and warmth arrived last week we felt normal again, as should you. 
To get you started on summer activities go check out the Engelberg tourismus site here. 
As for biking, the summer trail season on Jochpass is still in preparation. Hopefully they will get the trails running inmid july. To be continued.    

” – Because if you find yourself standing under the “Schlenken” climbing wall (behind the golf course, on the dark side) in a Mount Everest compatible down jacket at the end of May, you are bound to think of winter… “


Hard Facts:

  • Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 625 cm
  • Snow depth Village (1.050m): 0
  • Snow condition: Powder, partially corn/wet
  • Latest snowfall: 28th of May
  • Avalanche alert level: 2-3

Weather and conditions:

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