Sunny Days – Snow Report 14th of February

Avoid the sun in your face with a backflip.

PHOTO: Julian Carr RIDER: Owen Leeper

Skiing is Believing

Whatever comes to mind when reading the header, we hope it brings a smile to your face. Because skiing is awesome. This week we are bursting to the brim with rad skiiers sleeping under our roof. They are at this very moment hitting lines up on the mountain like there is no tomorrow.

Julian Carr – most known for this drop from 2012 and in need for no further introduction – is here with photographer Jana Rogers and skier Owen Leeper to shoot bangers for the crowd. Check out their Instagrams and you’ll know they don’t dissapoint.

To top that off Marcus Caston, Connery Lundin and Frank Shine from Blizzard Ski are here for a longer stay and getting stuff done with Oskar Enander. Starstruck daze in the Engelberg village. No doubt about it.

The snow we got on Monday was overwhelming and powdery. Soft snow with some wind covered all tracks from last week and wiped the slate clean for some really good days. Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty darn deep in places, and now we can just relax in the sun for a bit. Easy.

Oskar Enander and Connery Lundin getting the shot.
Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 575 cm
Snow depth Village (1.050m): 78 cm
Snow condition: Powder
Latest snowfall: Monday 11.02.19
Avalanche alert level: 2, Moderate

Avalanche prone locations

In all aspects above approximately 1600m.

Danger description

Faceted weak layers exist in the snowpack. In some places, avalanches can be released in the old snowpack and reach dangerously large size. The avalanche prone locations are to be found in particular on little-used, rather lightly snow-covered slopes and in areas close to the tree line. As a consequence of warming during the day and the solar radiation, the likelihood of slab avalanches being released will increase in particular on very steep sunny slopes below approximately 3000 m.
Ski touring and other off-piste activities, including snowshoe hiking, call for careful route selection.

Gliding avalanches

More gliding avalanches are to be expected, even large ones. This applies in particular on very steep sunny slopes below approximately 2400 m. Caution is to be exercised in areas with glide cracks.

Weather and conditions:

Kids slope in Engelberg.

// The Ski Lodge Team

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