The best burger in Engelberg is Back – Season 3 is ready to begin!

Best burger in Engelberg
The battle for the title “Best Burger in Town” Season 3 will start January 6th and continue throughout April 2020. This year’s competitors are all fired up and ready to rumble. The specially designed burger will be available on the bar menu for two weeks each and the most sold contribution goes home as a winner. The invited heroes are local abilities living or raised in Engelberg and they all have one thing in common: they do not want to lose!

Actually, it all started as a fun thing, just like everything else. Ski Lodge Bar and Konrad Brasserie have long been, and are famous for its tasty good food. Our guest chefs have been appreciated and enhanced the experience of Engelberg for new and recurrent guests. Our development on the Barfood front is really nothing more than an extension of what we already do well.

When we started with the “Ski Lodge Original Burger” we didn’t think so much more about it, people like Burgers and we like people. John Forsell, kitchen mastermind at the time, sent a recipe for the best Burger bread he ever made to the Baker in the village and fetched Alp cheese from the local cheese supplier. It became a very good burger. In order not to stagnate completely, we feel crazy and safe enough to put our food baby in our friend’s competent hands.

This year’s competitors are no other than a group of skilled snowboarders, skiers, and local masterminds. The first competitors reaching for the gold are no other than the combined force we find in Lasse Larsson and Maya Spaar. Genuine legends not only on the mountains but also for their rock’n roll lifestyle and ability to raise a family without getting old.

The next 7 competitors will be revealed during the winter.

Hey ho – Let’s Go!

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