Best of both Worlds – Snow Report 13th of April

Windstedt and Wessel Going for it.

PHOTO: Anton Enerlöv

No rest for the wicked…

Last week we had Nocco company here with their team of athletes and this week the last standing skiers were welcomed to our place. 80sski day went down on Saturday and it was a hell of a show. Good weather got people jumping out of bed and into their 80s clothes in a jiffy, about 90 persons were participating this year. (Was quite the frenzy on the mountain)

As for now we have some skiiers in the house taking advantage of the nice in between season going on. Summer in the village and cold (and quite hard) snow on the mountain. Slushy snow is enjoyed after 12, not earlier. (mark our words, you might wanna have some edges on your skis in the morning)

We are happy anyway and can go biking after of before skiing…

Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 710 cm
Snow depth Location (1.050m): 0 cm
Snow condition: Hard, Partially Spring Snow.
Latest snowfall: 01.04.18
Avalanche alert level: Significant

Full-depth avalanches

Medium-sized and, in isolated cases, large full-depth avalanches are possible. The avalanche prone locations are to be found in particular on east, south and west facing slopes below approximately 2600 m. Individual avalanche prone locations are to be found also on north facing slopes, in particular below approximately 2400 m. Areas with glide cracks are to be avoided.

Snow drifts

Fresh and somewhat older snow drift accumulations have formed in particular at elevated altitudes. These are mostly small but to be assessed with care and prudence. They are to be found in particular in gullies and bowls, and behind abrupt changes in the terrain. Apart from the danger of being buried, restraint should be exercised in particular in view of the danger of avalanches sweeping people along and giving rise to falls.

In southern Valais and in the Simplon region, skies will be overcast, in other regions of the south it will be quite sunny following a night of mostly overcast skies. In northern regions, following a night of quite clear skies it will be rather sunny and subject to foehn impact. Temperatures are expected to rise significantly. The danger of dry-snow avalanches will incrementally decrease in southern regions; the danger of wet-snow and gliding-snow avalanches will be subject to a daytime danger cycle.
Following a night of only partially clear skies, it will be partly sunny accompanied by high-altitude clouds; in southern regions, skies will be heavily overcast in some places. It will remain mild. The danger of dry-snow avalanches will decrease; the danger of wet-snow and gliding-snow avalanches will remain subject to slight daytime danger cycle.
 Weather and conditions:

// Ski Lodge Team

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