En Guete!

During winter we serve an a la carte as well as a set three course Skier's Dinner.

Events & Happenings

We love to invite chefs and wine producers to change things around every now and then. We'll keep you posted on Instagram for the next event!


Local Cold Cuts with Cheese and pickled vegetables 12

Chicken croquettes 8

Seasonal vegetables with dip 7

Tomatoes, Almonds and Tagetes 7


Beef Tartar 14

with spring Garlic, Horseradish and wild Herbs

Grilled Flatbread 9

with Asparagus, wild Garlic Mayonnaise and Radishes (vegetarian)

Lamb Kebab 14

with grilled tomato Salsa, Yoghurt and Cabbage

Trout 15

with beans and peas, grilled butter Hollandaise

Langos 13

with whitefish Roe, Sour Cream, Sbrinz cheese and Dill

Veal Sweetbread 11

with Nettle cream, Mustard Seeds, spicy Leafs


Rhubarb Tartlette 8

with whey caramel, creme Diplomat and Yoghurt

French Toast 6

with Strawberries and Lovage Anglais

Goatsyoghurt Ice cream 7

Engelberg Honey, Black Currant and Rye bread crisp

Spruce Fudge 3

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