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Latest Update 12. Dec 2020

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Because of the current situation, where areas in Switzerland have taken different precautions, we put together this information sheet for you.

Important to know as a guest in Engelberg      

  • More information about quarantine for travelers can be found here. 
  • You can find more information about rules and measures here.

Frequently asked questions.

These measures apply from December 12th, 2020 and are limited until January 22nd, 2021.

Can I travel to Switzerland?

Yes, if your country of residence or country that you are travelling from, in the last 24 hours, is not on this list. (Changes depending on developments)

Are the Hotels in Switzerland required to close?

In Engelberg, canton Obwalden, the Hotels are open and the hotel breakfast/restaurant/bars are allowed to be open for external and internal guests from 6 am until 10 pm every day.

Why are the rules different in Canton Obwalden compared to other Cantons?

The canton of Obwalden fulfils the conditions for an exception since their epidemiological development has been low.

Is the ski resort in Engelberg open for other nationalities than Swiss?

Yes, There are no regulations about nationalities when skiing in a resort.

The operators of ski areas must also submit strict protection concepts that implement the nationally standardized requirements.

More info here.

What are the Mask Requirement rules in Engelberg, Switzerland?

A mask is required on all lifts, including ski and chair lifts. When standing in line, a mask must be worn and the distance must be maintained.

In all closed means of transport you are required to wear a mask, and only two thirds of the seats in cabins and gondolas may be occupied. This applies to seats and standing room.

You are also required to wear a mask when standing up, for example in restaurants, bars and shops.

Am I allowed to eat and drink at the Ski Lodge Bar or in Brasserie Konrad as an external guest or only as a hotel guest?

Everyone is very welcome, both in-house and external guests! In restaurants throughout Switzerland, A maximum of 4 people or a family (in the same household) are allowed to sit at one table.
It is also mandatory to record contact details for one guest per table, as is already the practice since September 2020.

What are the opening times for Bars and Restaurants in Engelberg?

Hotel, shops, markets, restaurants and bars in Canton Obwalden can be open until 10 p.m. Everything is required to be closed between 10 pm to 6 am.

On the night of Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, the closing time will be extended from 10 pm to 1 am to reduce the risk of disorderly gatherings in private.

More info on New rules for restaurants here.

Ski Lodge Engelberg and Covid-19

At Ski Lodge Engelberg we always try to keep a safe distance from you during your stay and we all are required to wear facemasks when not seated down to eat. This means we have had to make some amendments to our normal welcoming procedure. We will no longer be able to greet you with a handshake or a high five. We will instead offer smiles so big that you will see them through our facemasks.

Dining at Brasserie Konrad, the Ski Lodge Bar or Terrace.

Current regulations are that you can dine at the hotel and you are allowed to be 4 persons or a family (same household) per group of diners and table. We are by current regulation required to save your contact data and dining times for the government in case of an infection. This is made possible through a contact tracing app designed for the Engelberg Valley.

You can dine all meals in our Bar or Brasserie Konrad, facemasks are not required while sitting down in the dining room but always mandatory when standing up. We will always ensure that there is a recommended 1,5-meter distance between your group and other diners. We have disinfection placed out where ever you go in the hotel and will make sure to disinfect all plane surfaces between diners.

Your rooms and all our common areas.

Before you check-in to your room, your room will be treated with an aerial surface disinfection; this disinfects all surfaces in your room without any unpleasant odors. All surfaces in the common areas are frequently disinfected with detergent throughout the day. We provide disinfection gel for hand sanitizing in all common rooms of the hotel. We can also provide you with facemasks for your use during your stay.

Sauna and Hot Tub.

We welcome you to the Sauna and Hot tub just like previous years, only this time around you will need to book a timeslot of one hour and be max 2 persons, family or group staying in the same room at a time. You will be able to book slots beforehand and during your stay with our friendly receptionists Grazia, Paula and Lina.

Opening Hours Sauna & Hot Tub.

2pm – 7.30 pm (in case of bad weather from 11 am)

We stay up to date on the development of the pandemic and follow the recommendations, guidelines and instructions given by the Swiss government and the Engelberg village authorities.

More information in English can be found on the link here.

Information about quarantine lists on the link here.


Lots of <3 from the whole team at Ski Lodge Engelberg.

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