Hiking in Switzerland and living in Engelberg.

Jana Rogers trying to catch the Cirque Series founder in Engelberg.

Engelberg is mostly known for its long powder fields and descents in deep fluffy snow. We know it’s what actually brings most of our guests and tourists to the village. The question all of us year-round residents get asked is “what do you do during the summer?”. Oh don’t you get me started we answer, and we order another pitcher of beer.

In Engelberg, there are no interim seasons. The ski season does a cross-over with hiking season in April/May and then the summer season slides into winter already in October when the Glacier opens for skiing again. It’s the perfect place to be all year round and that is the biggest reason to why so many seasonal staff stay – the transitions are so smooth we don’t even notice that we never left.

Engelberg Big 5 Summer Edition


THE TRAILS in and around Engelberg are winding and endless built on the many plateaus around the high mountains, therefor the trails gives you opportunities to pick and choose both length and elevation depending on your daily mood. All of the trails starts from the village center and takes you up and beyond what you see with the naked eye. Either you choose to walk 2 hours uphill to get to a plateau of your choice or you take the lift up and start higher up, either on Brunni, Titlis or Fürenalp.

Here you find a great hiking trails and more information on where to go.


THE COMMUNITY OF BIKERS have grown tremendously over the last three years and Engelsbergs efforts to make the biking in this valley more attractive and easier to explore is finally coming together. Depending on your level and goals with your biking there is different opportunities in and around the valley. In BÄNKLIALP WOODS you find a skills park with easy access to do jump and flow curve training and a hole 200 elevation of flow trail. On the TITLIS side you can bike a flow trail and single trails on Jochpass between June to October, and if you have a big adventure in mind you can bike the 4- lakes trail to MELCHSEEFRUTT (or even further and take the train and bus back to Engelberg).

On BRUNNI you have single trails with technical parts, that goes towards Schwand or “Ende der welt”, and on FÜRENALP you can go either up with the cable car and bike towards Blackenalp and Surenenpass or if you’re feeling very feisty you bike up from the valley and all the way to Fürenalp or Surenenpass.

Here you find a lot of different ideas for adventures on your bike.


If you are looking for a single track paradise and found us – but don’t know where to go? We have a coupele of partners we always work with. Le Ripp, for example, puts together tours with everything included either with a group or for you alone. give them a call and see if they have what you and your friends need – they most probably do 🙂 Click here for their website: https://www.leripp.com/ebike/engelberg

Hiking in Switzerland and living in Engelberg.
Sidetrack Cycling are guiding bike adventures on gravel and road with us in Switzerland.

Sidetrack is experts on road and gravel – You find their different routes and offers here: https://www.sidetrack.cc/

Trail Running

We lost count of “favorite trails” in Engelberg a long time ago. Our “Wow — why haven’t we run this awesome trail before?” moments now happen a few times a year, and there seems to be an ever-deepening pool of trail goodness to dive into. Whether you’re into steep climbs or more marathon-like distance trails, there’s something here for everyone.

If you want to boost the workout potential of your run with a few heavier exercises, pass by the “Vita Parcours” close to the ski-jumping hill. It’s a fitness trail with different exercise stations spread out over two kilometers.

Hiking in Switzerland and living in Engelberg.
Julian Carr on his test runs for the competition Cirque Series.
Trail Running Competitions

if you’re int thes ekind of things like competitions – we have quite a few of them. Check out Berglauf Engelberg, Cirque Series and the 4-seen Duell.

Climbing and Via Ferrata

ENGELBERG MAY NOT be known as a famous climbing destination, or be the first to spring to mind when you think of a rope focused break. But as we build up our list of climbed routes and add to our knowledge of the crags in the valley, we’re pretty confident that we’re sitting in a climbing wonderland soon to hit the spotlight.

But we won’t be shouting it out from the rooftops just yet, as one of the great things about climbing in Engelberg, is that it is still a hidden gem that not many people know about. And, a less crowded wall means more space and intimate rock moments for those venturing into the vertical world.

Experienced climbers will find world class limestone climbing on the TITLIS NORTH WALL, WENDENSTÖCKE and SCHLOSSBERG. But if you’re looking for a smaller mission with great a great overhang and variety then the SCHLÄNNGEN wall, just next to the golf course, is perfect. You can even admire some fairway shots as you hang upside down.

For the beginners there are lots of options available, both on Brunni and also several places a bit further down the valley. We really recommend that you contact one of the guide agencies as they will help you with everything from equipment to developing the basic skills. Plus they will definitely help your confidence and support you in building the right knowl- edge to get going in the right way.

VIA FERRATA, which is essentially another kind of climbing, is a great option for both beginners and experienced climbers who want to get the feeling of a bigger wall. The Via Fer- rata approach, where you are always attached to a series of ladders, bridges and wires bolted to the wall, is certainly one of the safest ways to move around high above the ground.

Our favorite is the FÜRENALPWAND which still managed to fill our stomachs with butterflies no matter how many times we do it!


THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFE EXPERIENCE for anyone who would feel like being a couple of hundred meters above the ground is having a fun time. We salute you. In Engelberg there are several starting spots that get you up to the good termic winds here in the valley. With the small gondolas (farmer lifts) there are even more starting points available for experienced flyers.

More info on booking tandem flights and launch pads here.


Our bible is the outdoor guide Engelberg – It got a huge amount of different maps, trail descriptions for all seasons. Our friend Dani Perret made it years ago but still keeps on updating it with new exciting stuff every second year. If you will be in the area – make sure to buy it in our reception!

Hiking in Switzerland and living in Engelberg.

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