Hitting the Jackpot – Snow Report 9th of Mar

Elias Dad going full Throttle in the snow.

PHOTO: Elias Lundh, taken on Thursday 8th of March.

The believing part of skiing.

As the week started we were not in a process of thinking it would be much snow. The forecast gave us little hope with a semi-sure 10-20cm snowfall prediction between Tuesday and Wednesday. No one dared to think it would be good, A 10-20cm is not something to brag about for Engelberg and it looked like the temperatures were about to rise. It could have been the Death stroke for the 10-20cm of snow. On Wednesday morning it was snowing all the way down to the village, and it was cold. Very cold to be frank. The clouds were heavy and drifted around the mountains in search of peace from the wind gusts. But it kept on snowing. The wind was an issue for everyone during Thursday morning, no one knew if the snow would be wind-packed and loaded to go or if it would stick. After some turns, everyone on the mountain knew they hit a jackpot day. 20-30cm, 40-50 in places, of fluffy powder was divided out on the whole mountain and only sluffed on steep terrain.

All was good again.

The forecast as it seems at the moment looks good. We are expecting snow on Sunday-Monday and then again on Thursday if the sun will come out it will probably be Tuesday/Wednesday. Keep believing and you will be rewarded. If you are interested in some powder days we would say the beginning of the week could be the icing on the cake. We have some rooms left until Thursday, so go give the reception a call or email them for the best rates on our mid-week package!

Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 635 cm
Snow depth Location (1.050m): 10 cm
Snow condition: Powder!
Latest snowfall: Wednesday night
Avalanche alert level: Significant

Danger description

The more recent snow drift accumulations are prone to triggering. At elevated altitudes, the prevalence and size of the avalanche-prone locations will increase. Deeper layers of the snowpack can be released by a single winter sports participant in some places. These avalanche prone locations are covered with fresh snow and therefore barely recognizable. Backcountry touring and other off-piste activities call for experience in the assessment of avalanche danger.

Full-depth avalanches, Wet avalanches as the day progresses

As a consequence of warming during the day and solar radiation individual full-depth and wet avalanches are possible. This applies in particular to very steep sunny slopes below approximately 2400 m.


Winds will be westerly,

  • in northern regions and at high altitudes in general, blowing predominantly at moderate strength, intermittently also at the strong velocity;
  • blowing at light to moderate strength in the central sector of the southern flank of the Alps.
In the foehn-exposed regions of the north, isolated bright intervals are anticipated. A small amount of snowfall is expected in western regions above approximately 2000 m, and in southern regions above approximately 1200 m. A strong-velocity southwesterly wind will be blowing in the mountains, and strong foehn wind will prevail in the Alpine valleys. The avalanche situation for backcountry skiers and freeriders is expected to remain treacherous in northern regions more than anywhere else. The main danger stems from freshly generated snowdrift accumulations. As a result of daytime warming, the dangers of wet-snow avalanches and gliding avalanches will increase somewhat in northern regions more than anywhere else.
On the Main Alpine Ridge and southwards therefrom, snowfall is anticipated above approximately 1500 m which will be heaviest between the eastern part of the Ticino and into the Bernina region. In northern regions, a small amount of snowfall is expected following the final bright intervals. The snowfall level will descend to nearly 1500 m. Avalanche danger levels are expected to increase in southern regions. In northern regions, avalanche danger is not expected to change significantly.
Weather Forecast Trübsee, from Sunday.
Weather and conditions:

// Ski Lodge Team

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