On Our Doorstep at Ski Lodge Engelberg, Volume 3, Forest Ledger

Skier in red jacket standing and smiling in blizzard.

Ski Lodge Engelberg is an international gathering place in the heart of the Alps, bringing mountain-loving humans from all over the world together. Our guests come for extraordinary adventures, exquisite food and drinks, and a cozy bed to recharge. Enter into our bar on any given evening, and you’ll certainly find an interesting conversation. We’d like to introduce you some of the people who visit us here at Ski Lodge in a series we’re calling On Our Doorstep. We hope you enjoy getting to know these friends of ours as much as we have, and that you join our community soon!

On Our Doorstep at Ski Lodge Engelberg, Volume 1, Forest Ledger

Adventure Photographer and Filmmaker Forest Ledger on his time at Ski Lodge Engelberg


  • Age: 25
  • Born: Lake Placid, USA
  • Family: Parents Jen & Pat were Telemark World Cup racers for the USA; brother Beckett was a Nordic Combined skier, now a cross country mountain bike racer;  brother Van is a USA junior biathlete.
  • Hometown: Bozeman, USA

Describe yourself in three words.

Analytical, enthusiastic, dependable.

If you had to write a job resume here on the spot, what would it say?

Adventure photographer/filmmaker

Functions well under pressure

Certified forklift operator

Why did you start skiing?

I was never given a choice! With avid skiers for parents, I was wandering around the backyard with tiny plastic skis strapped to my feet as soon as I could walk. The rest is history as they say. I never stopped to consider why I was skiing until well into my teens, and by then it was far too late.

How did your background influence the life you are living now?

Growing up, my parents really emphasized the outdoors and athletic activity. Having those priorities drilled into me at such a young age has shaped every decision I’ve made since and has led me to favor the mountains and the people who live among them.

How did you find yourself On Our Doorstep at Ski Lodge Engelberg?

My ski partner Johnny Egan and I were in town helping with a camp. Seeing as it was our first film trip to Europe, we had planned on staying a few days after the camp ended but neglected to find housing ahead of time. Luckily, transplant and local American Marcus Caston was on hand to introduce us to Sanne and the crew at Ski Lodge Engelberg, and after a few nights of enjoying their hospitality, we knew it would only be a matter of time before we were back!

Why do you continue to come back to Ski Lodge Engelberg?

The better question is why wouldn’t we come back to Engelberg? The skiing is the best, deep powder more often than not, and incredible views and snow to be found even in a dry spell. The people are incredible; kind and welcoming locals excited to show you around both on and off the hill, a rotating cast of guests at Ski Lodge from FWT athletes to English tax lawyers, and as always, enthusiastic staff at Ski Lodge, ready to kick your ass on the slopes or in the bar.

What are your 3 best tips for a sure-fire great time in Engelberg, Switzerland?

  1. Make sure you ski the Galtiberg! 7,000 vertical feet with a coffee or beer at the bottom before getting right back to it.
  2. Do some exploring! The terrain off Titlis is incredible and you can adventure in pretty much any direction, a real novelty for North Americans.
  3. Don’t miss music trivia at Ski Lodge! It’s a great time and the competition is fierce. 
Four skiers standing in front of Ski Lodge
On Our Doorstep at Ski Lodge Engelberg, Volume 1, Forest Ledger

Thanks for reading, and be sure to pop by our doorstep on your adventure in the Swiss alps!

// Sunny Regards from Your Friends at Ski Lodge Engelberg

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