Ski Boots for Engelberg Skiing

Skiboot guide picture taken in Engelberg by Frank Shine.

Let us tell you a story… but first!

If you think that we are going to tell you exactly what to buy, you are mistaken. What we will and shall do as a legit Ski Lodge is this: tell you a little story about a day out in Engelberg and what your boots will need to endure – then provide you with the best lists (plural, oh yes) of “the best” ski boots known to mankind in 2019. What do you say? Secret handshake?

07.00 Engelberg village early February morning. The first rays of light are soothing the slightly puffy eyes you got from two beers you had at the after-ski yesterday. It was snowing, after all, and three beers would have been enough for a hangover, duh. You are not 28 anymore. (If you are reading this and are under 28 please insert any amount of beers, or Fernets or both, and drink it whilst you still can!) Back to those rays of light. They are maybe not overwhelmingly soothing but make you shiver with excitement as you put on your base layer, mid-layer and extra layer without a name (everyone uses it so why not?) Or is that layer before the mid-layer? Anyway, then you put on the shell layer but you don’t zip it shut. It would get too warm if you need to run to the ski-bus. Puh. Coffee – it’s time for coffee. In a thermos, to go! Oh shit, you are late for the bus! Chop chop into your boots.

07.30 Titlis valley station. One hour before the lifts open, perfect. We are not always breakfasting persons if time is of the essence, but feel free to insert food in this space.

08.10 to here.

08.29 and three quarters. The lift opens early because of the long line. The first hour in the boots is overcombed (still a bit tired scrolling through Instagram and just saw a photo of Donald Trump).

08.58 An untouched Steinberg lays before you and now things happen quickly. If you use boots with walk-mode this is the time to switch back – to ski mode. Not actually do a switchback, we are not ski touring just yet. Go for low hanging fruit two runs!

(08.59 IF they don’t let you ski the glacier because of avalanche risks you have to go for a warmup run in the piste or down Schlächtismatt – no we can’t spell it or pronounce it and neither can you).

10.21 Get your crew over to the Jochpass area and ski whatever looks fun.

11.04 If it’s crowded get your ski tourgear on and go up to Wendelücke.

12.17 Lunch? Depends! How good is it and how warm is it? If it’s really good we recommend a snack during lift rides. If it’s getting to warm the steep big runs are done for the day (avalanche risk) and you should take a long lunch. Go the last run (before lunch) in Laub and eat at the bottom, Café Ritz.

13.00 So many lines so little time.

14.57 – 15.33 Homerun down to the village. Yes, your legs will burn, you will probably not feel your toes and you will feel like an incarnation of a bowling ball, trying to avoid all the people. Pins! We mean pins?

15.00 After-ski at our place. Do not, we repeat, do not take off your boots inside the bar, they smell. A lot. But do have one beer.

17.33 Naptime. With boots or without, we don’t judge.

Now you know what you are looking for in a boot. It is supposed to be lightweight, endure all sorts of skiing, be flexible at times, but stiff if it’s warm, have touring mode, touring pinholes, be odor-free, warm – but only around the toes! – and a good sleeping partner.

Go get em!

The Ski Lodge Engelberg Ski Boot Guide Inception List(s)

// Ski Lodge Team

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