Summer Adventure Report – Trailrunning, Hiking and Biking in Engelberg.

High season is not over yet for us (and you). According to the locals, September is the month to be jolly in the Alps. With lower temperatures the higher up a mountain you get the better climate it is for activities, being whatever it may be. A hike, a stroll, a run, a bike ride or a swim. It gets easier with some help from mother natures natural air conditioning.

Engelberg as an outdoors sports destination can accommodate all of your needs during the summer months when it’s “too hot to handle” in the big cities. With our trails starting at 1005m above sea level you already find yourself in a 6 degrees lower temperature than down on the mainland.

The measurement is not exact, you know the weather and how it is unpredictable and such, but normally you can say that every 100 meters vertical the temperature drops a degree. This is very helpful during July and August.

What have we been up to in Engelberg?

We’ve been chasing the morning light at Jochpass bike trails, walking the 4 lakes tour to Melchsefrutt and taking a dip at Brunnihütte and some family quality time at the Trübsee lake.


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30 Sept to 3rd Oct Trailrunning Camp with Systrar i Bergen (email us here for more info)

Have a great week and loads of love from the whole Ski Lodge Team

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