The Big 5’s in Engelberg – when we don’t have lift access.

Storm Ahead - Snow Round-up 24th April

What do we do during one week of lift closure in Engelberg? Ski lifts are closed for skiers (only) between 22nd and 29th of December. More about the current restrictions here.

We are persons with restless legs and this causes us to find adventure elsewhere! Luckily for us, Engelberg is filled with many winter activities to entertain. We just have to make time for it and time is something we have boundless of as of this week.


Your don't need to cross the country to Cross-country ski!

1. Your don’t need to cross the country to Cross-country ski!

In Engelberg, there is no less than 43 km divided on three cross country skiing tracks, which are on different altitudes and with multiple variations.

The village track holds about 12 km with possibilities for variations and loops up to a total of 16 km. Gerschnialp plateau keeps a well-groomed 8,4 km track and the track around The Trübsee lake at 1800 m.a.s.l stays in the sun for most of the day, a loop skate track with spectacular views.

Hiking on the Sunny side - with or without snowshoes

2. Hiking on the Sunny side – with or without snowshoes.

Who doesn’t like the combination of a hike and sun kind of day. Here there are multiple options. On the Brunni side, for example, you get up to 1600 m.a.s.l with the gondola, and from there you can walk freely at any pace or distance. The hiking trails are easy to access from the top of the Engelberg Express lift at Trübsee, Brunnibahn or Fürenalpbahn. If you are in the mood to rent snowshoes and go about on bigger adventures you find more info here.

Skitouring Engelberg-Titlis november 2020.

3. Ski-Touring – Camp, Course or just walk up.

Closest to our skiing hearts, and also the heaviest (!), is ski touring. Skin up in the homerun piste from the valley and upwards is possible, and can be done on different fitness levels. Another ski touring idea is to go down to one of our nearby villages, where you can find even more tours.

Book a guide for a longer tour:

Go Old school  - there is really no such thing as a bad day whilst manpowering something!

4. Go Old school – there is really no such thing as a bad day whilst manpowering something!

This is a must-do for everyone in the family or group of friends!

Old School tip #1. Tie knots for you incoming adventures.

If you are a totally normal person, you didn’t take sailing classes as a kid. You might have gone through the scouts – but still, do you remember all the knots you need for a successfull ski tour? Just sit down, relax and Tie Knots!

Old School tip #2. Our Top 3 Boardgames!

Monopoly Swiss Mountain Edition (order at Papeterie Engelberg)

Ticket to Ride – Epic boardgame for up to 5 players, or 3 teams of 2. Don’t play it if you are of nervous nature, it can be stressfull 😉

Carcassonne – A building board game for 2-5 Players – build and destroy!

Old School tip #3. Sledge old school – Just walk up.

In Engelberg, it’s a long tradition to go sledging during winter and we normally have three places for it. Right now you are not allowed to go there, but you can go old-school sledging on Klostermattes fields above the big monastery. May the best man, woman, or child WIN!

More tours here, or book a guide with a guide for ski touring classes and camps.

EAT a lot of good food and do Yoga!

5. EAT a lot of good food and do Yoga!

If we are going to do all of this walking, hiking, ski touring AND thinking strategically during the evening we better fill up with food.

After that we will need some stressing down and the best way to do that is to go visit our fantastic yoga professionals in the Village.

Yoga places in Engelberg

offers skitouring

Hope to see you on the mountain this week!

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