The Richest Beard in Engelberg – Venture Report

Der schwerste Bart in Engelberg – Abenteuerbericht

Some weekends we indulge in particularly amusing events.

The “Bartabhaute” is, according to the local farmers, an event originated to greet the farmers home from attending to the cows up on the mountain. However this may or may not be true it has escalated into something far more then just a welcome home dinner. On a stage in the middle of a dining room we find four new interpretations of a mocking stock. Here, under civilized manners, the farmers stick in their head and get shaved by a local professional shaver.

The shaved beard get weighed and the one farmer with the most weight in beard win the greatest price, A living and breathing cow!

Second price is a cheep and third is a ensilage ball. We can’t say that we know anything about the trading index on ensilage but the cheep could keep one company for the whole autumn!

Next year we will probably try to get someone in the staff to grow a heavy beard, just so that we can have a cow on the premises!

Other than that we have been up on the glacier to take our most wanted first turns in the slopes.

Now we pray for some colder nights and heavy rain so that the village will have some sprinkle of snow before december. Hopefully we will be up skiing the whole system in just a month or so.

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Weather and conditions:

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